December  2006  

Adrianna 1206b

Anny 1206b

Apple 1206b

Fern 1206b

Gina 1206b

Jenny 1206b

Karolina 1206b

Kayla 1206b

KiKi 1206b

Kyra 1206ba

Mel 1206b

Micky 1206b

Mylady 1206b

Onjulic 1206b

Rochelle 1206b

Shayenne 1206b

Camilla 1206a

Danielly 1206a

Eay 1206a

Holly 1206a

Karen 1206a

Kitty 1206a

Mimi 1206a

Min 1206a

Monica 1206a

MonicaT 1206a

Rose 1206a

Sakina 1206a

Saleth 1206a

Tae 1206a

Taye 1206a

Tyfanny 1206a

November  2006  

AgathaMac 1106b

Alana 1106b

Amy 1106b

Angie 1106b

Bam 1106b

Bruna 1106b

Candy 1106b

Fiona 1106ba

Giovanna 1106b

Kareena 1106b

Lucymara 1106b

Natty 1106b

Noon 1106b

Renta 1106b

Sabrina 1106b

Valquiria 1106b

Anita 1106a

Extra 1106a

GiGi 1106a

Hilda 1106a

Isebella 1106a

Karolina 1106a

Kathy 1106a

Kayla 1106a

Kitty 1106a

Mylady 1106a

Mylenna 1106a

Nadia 1106a

Onjulic 1106a

Pia 1106a

Raquel 1106a

Shayenne 1106a

October  2006  

Adrianna 1006b

Danielly 1006b

Fernanda 1006b

Holly 1006b

Kat 1006b

Lisa 1006b

Madison 1006b

May 1006b

Patty 1006b

Pixie 1006b

Polar 1006b

Popi 1006b

Raphaella 1006b

Sydney 1006b

Vanessa 1006b

Wendy 1006b

AM 1006a

Amber 1006a

Anriana 1006a

Aya 1006a

Camilla 1006a

Carla 1006a

Cee 1006a

JeJe 1006a

Joy 1006a

May 1006a

Mel 1006a

Monica 1006a

Paola 1006a

Saleth 1006a

Tina 1006a

Yasmine 1006a


September  2006  


Ban 906b


Benz 906b


Biance 906b


Brenda 906b


Giovanna 906b


Irene 906b


Isabel 906b


Layla 906b


Lemon 906b


Monik 906b


Mylady 906b


Pamella 906b


Pia 906b


Renta 906b


Tyfanny 906b


Vanessa 906b

Angie 906a

Anita 906a

Candy 906a

Christina 906a

Clarissa 906a

GIGI 906a

Hilda 906a

Ice 906a

Justine 906a

Lucymara 906a

Mickey 906a

Monica 906a

Mylenna 906a

Nadis 906a

Raquel 906a

Talesha 906a


AUGUST  2006  

Adriana 806b

AgathaMac 806b

Bruna 806b

Danielly 806b

Emanula 806b

Fern 806b

Fernanda 806b

Holly 806b

Jery 806b

Jessica 806b

Meg 806b

Noon 806b

Paola 806b

Richey 806b

Taye 806b

Venus 806b

Vanessa 806aW

Sydney 806aW

Rafaelly 806aW

Pia 806aW

Onjulic 806aW

Nui 806aW

Natasha 806aW

MiMi 806aW

Maya 806aW

KiKi 806aW

June 806aW

Carla 806aW

Anriana 806aW

Amy 806aW

Amber 806aW

Agatha 806aW

JULY  2006

Yasmine 706bW

Tyfanny 706bW

Rose 706bW

Rochelle 706bW

Raquel 706bW

MyLady 706bW

Monica 706bW

Mel 706bW

KoKo 706bW

Kareena 706bW

Hilda 706bW

Gina 706bW

Extra 706bW

Camilla 706bW

Apple 706bW

Anny 706bW

Vicki 706aW

Shayenne 706aW

Rafaelly 706aW

Patty 706aW

Natty 706aW

Monik 706aW

Miriany 706aW

Melissa 706aW

Marcela 706aW

Lisa 706aW

Lemon 706aW

Layla 706aW

Holly 706aW

Duda 706aW

Claudia Lee 706aW

Bo 706aW

JUNE  2006

Nikole 606b

Nikita 606b

Mylenna 606b

LucyMar 606b

Lorena 606b

Ivy 606b

Paola 606b

Irene 606b

Ice 606b

Fiona 606b

Barbie 606b

Aya 606b

Amber 606b

AM 606b

AgathaMac 606b

AE 606b

Bam 606a

Benze 606a

Biance 606a

Carla 606a

Christina 606a

Clarissa 606a

Fernanda 606a

GiGi 606a

Giovanna 606a

Isabel 606a

Joyla 606a

Kathy 606a

Ming 606a

Renta 606a

Sakina 606a

Sydney 606a

MAY  2006

Yasmine 506b

Venus 506b

Tina 506b

Suellen 506b

Sabrina 506b

Raquel 506b

Monica 506b

Maya 506b

May 506b

Luna 506b

Luma Lou 506b

Fernanda 506b

Emanuella 506b

Claudia 506b

Bruna 506b

Amy 506b

Vanessa 506a

Tabatha 506a

Sue 506a

Rose 506a

Onjulic 506a

Nui 506a

Michelly 506a

Marcela 506a

Leila 506a

Kelly 506a

June 506a

Jessica 506a

Jerri 506a

Claudia Lee 506a

Camilla 506a

Anny 506a

APRIL  2006

Mac 406b

Sabrina 406b

Rochell 406b

Rafaelly 406b

Patricia 406b

Natty 406b

MyLady 406b

Min 406b

Mimi 406b

Holly 406b

Fern 406b

Dana 406b

Carolina 406b

Apple 406b

Amber 406b

Agatha Mac 406b

Shayenne 406a

Patty 406a

Pam 406a

Natasha 406a

Mylenna 406a

Miriany 406a

Melissa 406a

Mara 406a

Lisa 406a

Ligia 406a

Layla 406a

Kate 406a

Jolie 406a

Janira 406a

Carla 406a

AE 406a

MARCH  2006

Camilla 306b

CeCe 306b

Fernanda 306b

Holly 306b

Lemon 306b

Lucy 306b

May 306b

Meg 306b

Nikita 306b

Noon 306b

Popi 306b

Raquel 306b

Renata 306b

Richey 306b

Tiffany 306b

Vanessa 306b

Taye 306a

Talesha 306a

Sydney 306a

Sasha 306a

Sara 306a

Sakina 306a

Palamo 306a

Nicole 306a

Nanci 306a

Monic 306a

Kyra 306a

KoKo 306a

Justine 306a

Ivana 306a

Fabyanna 306a

Ban 306a


Yasmine 206b

Vicki 206b

Loren 206b

Layla 206b

Joyce 206b

Jenny 206b

Isabel 206b

Gina 206b

Claudia 206b

Clarissa 206b

Carla 206b

Bianca 206b

Barbara 206b

Ana 206b

Allanda 206b

Adriana 206b

Wendy 206a

Sharon 206a

Rose 206a

Polar 206a

Onjulic 206a

Nui 206a

Mya 206a

Ming 206a

Lisa 206a

Jelissa 206a

JeJe 206a

Holly 206a

GiGi 206a

Extra 206a

Camilla 206a

Amber 206a


Agatha 106b

Amy 106b

Barbara 106b

Camilla 106b

Fernanda 106b

Jerry 106b

Jhoany 106b

Joyla 106b

June 106b

Kareena 106b

Luna 106b

May 106b

Natasha 106b

Sheena 106b

Yasmine F 106b

Zori 106b

Tae 106a

Tabatha 106a

MyLady 106a

Mya 106a

Mickey 106a

Maya 106a

Luna Lou 106a

Kathy 106a

Joy 106a

Jessica 106a

Isabella 106a

Giavanna 106a

Emanuella 106a

Carolina 106a

Bo 106a

Allana 106a

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